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September, 2019
Volume 45, Number 3
8 August 2014
J.D. Conor Mauro

Najaf takes in Christians displaced by Islamic State (Al Monitor) After Christians were forced to leave Mosul and other areas that fell under the control of the Islamic State, Kurdish and Shiite dominated cities opened their doors to receive them. Religious authorities adopted stances supporting Christians, as they called on residents to host and help their brothers in the country. The Imam Al Khoei Foundation, one of the prominent religious institutions in Najaf, issued on 30 July a statement in support of Christians and minorities in Iraq. An excerpt of the statement reads, “We announce our readiness to receive the displaced Iraqi families, be they Christians or Muslims. We call on all Iraqis to offer aid for the displaced families and protect them from the aggressors, in accordance with the principles of humanitarian and national fraternity…”

U.S. airstrikes target Islamic State militants in northern Iraq (Washington Post) U.S. military jets carried out two airstrikes Friday on Islamist militants outside the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil, hours after President Obama authorized attacks against the Sunni extremists advancing on the northern Iraq city. The F-18 combat aircraft targeted artillery being used by militants of the Islamic State extremist group against Kurdish forces defending Erbil, the Pentagon said. It said the artillery was fired at Kurdish forces “near U.S. personnel…”

Humanitarian group warns that aid alone is not enough for people of Gaza (Vatican Radio) In Gaza, up to half a million people have been displaced by the month-long conflict with Israel and are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. The London-based Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) has warned that aid alone is not enough for the people of the territory. CAFOD is appealing for donations and also asking its supporters to lobby the British government to push for a just and lasting peace. The agency’s Middle East representative, Mary Lucas, spoke to Susy Hodges about the situation on the ground in Gaza…

Gaza talks falter as deadly offensive reignites (Daily Star Lebanon) Deadly hostilities engulfed Gaza once again Friday where a 10-year-old boy was killed and Israeli warplanes struck targets in retaliation for dozens of Palestinian cross-border rockets attacks. Exactly one month after Israel launched a punishing air campaign to destroy Hamas rockets, the Jewish state said talks in Cairo on extending a 72-hour truce were over as rockets wounded two people in Israel. “Israel will not negotiate under fire,” an official said on condition of anonymity. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the military to retaliate “forcefully to the Hamas breach of the cease-fire,” as the violence ended long-term cease-fire negotiations in Cairo…

Cease-fire in Gaza expires, and strikes resume (New York Times) As a 72-hour truce in Gaza expired at 8 a.m. Friday, Palestinian militants fired barrages of rockets into Israel and the Israeli military responded with airstrikes, one of which killed a 10-year-old boy, according to relatives. The renewed hostilities interrupted the indirect talks in Cairo, brokered by Egypt and backed by the United States, for a more durable cease-fire agreement. Hamas is demanding a lifting of the blockade on Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt and an opening of all the border crossings to allow the free movement of people and goods in and out of the Palestinian coastal territory. Israel is demanding measures to prevent Hamas from rearming and, eventually, the demilitarization of Gaza…

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