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Caritas Shelters Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees receive humanitarian aid from an Islamic organization in Tripoli, Lebanon, 6 March. As temperatures drop to near freezing in Lebanon, Caritas is working to find shelter for Syrian refugees, mostly women and children. (photo: CNS/Omar Ibrahim, Reuters) 

“Right now there are thousands of people who are displaced, among them are Christians, but that has been because of the conflict, not because of direct attacks on them,” he said in early March.

“Christians are stuck between a rock and a hard place,” Hétu said. “They cannot show approval of the Assad government, but they have to be careful because they can’t be seen to be supporting the rebels, either.”

He said his agency was preparing for a possible massive influx of Syrian refugees to neighboring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan should the already tense situation grow worse.

“Our offices in Jordan and Beirut are expecting the worst if the country goes into wide civil war or the Assad government falls,” he said.

Contributing to this story was Deborah Gyapong in Ottawa.

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