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The Perseverance of Bethlehem University
by Paul Wachter
(From ONE magazine November 2004)
Closings and instability do not deter this institution of higher learning

Preparing Palestinians for a New Millennium
text and photographs by George Martin
(From Catholic Near East September – October 1998)
Bethlehem University’s faculty and students look forward to the next millennium.

Bethlehem University Three Years Later
by Brother Patrick White, F.S.C.
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East January 1991)
War-weary students get a second chance at learning as Bethlehem University reopens.

A Gateway to Hope
by Bernard Knezich, F.S.C.
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1988)
Bethlehem University offers Palestinian students of the West Bank and Gaza an education – which gives them a reason to stay in their homeland.

Seeking a Life of Dignity
by Gerald Ring
(From Catholic Near East Summer 1988)
Speak with a student of Bethlehem University and you meet a person with purpose and hope living in a land of conflict and despair.

Recipe for Success
by Brother James Connolly, F.S.C.
photos: CNEWA files
(From Catholic Near East Magazine Fall 1983)
Hotel management courses at Bethlehem University prepare students for jobs in their homeland.

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Canada Helps Bethlehem University
news from ONE Magazine (27 March 2008)
CNEWA Canada has committed support to Bethlehem University, the only Catholic institute of higher learning in Palestine.

Bethlehem Students Hopeful for Palestinian Statehood
Catholic News Service (19 September 2011)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Palestinian students at Bethlehem University spoke of how their lives would change if the United Nations recognized Palestine as an independent country.

Across the Divide
Catholic News Service (18 July 2012)
NEW YORK (CNS) — Few conflicts in the modern era have proved as intractable as that pitting Israelis against Palestinians. One institution caught up in this clash has been the Holy Land’s Bethlehem University, a Catholic establishment open to students of all faiths.

Bethlehem University Appoints First Female V.P.
Catholic News Service (24 September 2012)
BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Thirty-five years after the first class graduated from Bethlehem University, one of its members became the first woman and Palestinian to hold the Catholic school’s highest academic position.

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Journey to the Holy Land: Arriving in Bethlehem
Msgr. Kozar reports on his pastoral visit to the Middle East, including his visit to the Ephpheta Institute and the Pontifical Mission Library.

"Across the Divide"
Next month, CNEWA Canada will co-sponsor the premiere of a new documentary on the troubles facing the Holy Land, as seen through the people at Bethlehem University.

'Across' Across Canada
Melodie Gabriel, of CNEWA Canada, shares news of a touring panel discussing a documentary about Bethlehem University.

Bethlehem University Honored with International Award
Bethlehem University received The International Federation of Catholic Universities' Sciat vt Serviat Award last month.

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Traveling “Across” Canada
September has been a busy month for CNEWA Canada.

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In Canada, Working to Bridge the Divide
On 15 April, CNEWA Canada joined with the office of Senator Anne C. Cools to organize a special event in Ottawa highlighting the situation of Christian communities in the Holy Land.

Meeting Palestine’s Newest Ambassadors
Father Elias Mallon describes an encounter with some young Palestinian "ambassadors."

Picture of the Day: Side By Side in Bethlehem
In 2004 image, two women — a Muslim and a Catholic sister — take notes during class at Bethlehem University. (photo: Steve Sabella)

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90 Years, 90 Heroes:
Brother Joseph Loewenstein, F.S.C.

One of the most familiar fixtures at Bethlehem University for several decades has been Brother Joseph Loewenstein, F.SC.

CNEWA Connections:
Pope Paul VI and Bethlehem University

A pope who is about to be declared a saint and his connection to CNEWA

Picture of the Day: Walking Together in Bethlehem
Life at Bethlehem University

Picture of the Day: A Class Act
A look at Bethlehem University