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Pope Prays Assisi Meeting Will Foster Peace
Catholic News Service (27 October 2011)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Benedict XVI prayed that his interreligious pilgrimage to Assisi would promote dialogue among believers of different faiths and help the world move toward peace and reconciliation.

Assisi Participants Express a Sense of Crisis in Modern Society
Catholic News Service (28 October 2011)
ASSISI, Italy (CNS) — A common thread ran through many of the speeches and invocations of this year’s “prayer for peace” encounter in Assisi: the uneasy sense that the world is facing not merely conflicts and wars, but a much broader crisis that affects social and cultural life in every country.

Pope Says Believers Must Oppose Violence to Promote Peace
Catholic News Service (28 October 2011)
ASSISI, Italy (CNS) — Taking 300 religious leaders with him on pilgrimage to Assisi, Pope Benedict XVI said people who are suspicious of religion cannot be blamed for questioning God’s existence when they see believers use religion to justify violence.

Assisi Encounter Inspires Events in the United States
Catholic News Service (3 November 2011)
GARRISON, N.Y. (CNS) — Peace begins with the individual, and each person is called to be a peacemaker.

Pope: Religions Must Cooperate to Remind Humanity God Exists
Catholic News Service (20 March 2013)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — For the good of all people, the care of the poor and the future of the Earth, religions must cooperate in reminding modern men and women that God exists and has a plan for their lives and their behavior, Pope Francis said.

Faith Inspires Priest’s Passion for Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Catholic News Service (3 April 2013)
CAIRO (CNS) — On a recent afternoon in Cairo, Comboni Father Giuseppe Scattolin was delving into 13th-century Sufi poems at his desk in the single room he inhabits, on an upper floor of a building that also houses an Arabic language school and its related administrative offices.

Nuncio: Syria’s War Creates Havoc, Priest’s Whereabouts Unknown
Catholic News Service (30 July 2013)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — The war in Syria is like a factory churning out nothing but death, destruction and suffering, said Archbishop Mario Zenari, Vatican nuncio to Syria.

Pope Prays in Istanbul Mosque, Rallies Local Christians
Catholic News Service (29 November 2014)
ISTANBUL (CNS) — A day after hearing Turkish leaders demand the West show more respect for Islam, Pope Francis prayed alongside a Muslim cleric inside Istanbul’s most famous mosque.

Christian, Muslim Leaders Vow to ‘Walk Hand in Hand’
Catholic News Service (5 December 2014)
ROME (CNS) — Catholic, Anglican, Sunni and Shiite leaders vowed to do all they can to combat “ugly and hideous” distortions of religion, and to involve more women — often the first victims of violence — in official interreligious dialogues.

Pope Meets Leaders of Yazidi Community Facing Persecution
Catholic News Service (8 January 2015)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — In his appeals for an end to the persecution of minorities in Syria and Iraq, Pope Francis often has mentioned both the Christians and the Yazidis attacked by Islamic State fighters.

Cardinal: Christians, Muslims ‘Still Don’t Know Each Other Well Enough’
Catholic News Service (21 May 2015)
WASHINGTON (CNS) — “Despite 50 years of ‘Nostra Aetate,’ ” the Second Vatican Council’s document on interreligious relations, “we still don’t know each other well enough,” said French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

In 50 Years Since ‘Nostra Aetate,’ Church Has Built Strong Interreligious Ties
Catholic News Service (13 October 2015)
WASHINGTON (CNS) — The scene in Foundation Hall of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum during Pope Francis’ visit spoke volumes about the Catholic Church and interreligious relations.

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Picture of the Day: The Pope as Pilgrim of Peace
In October of 2011, Pope Benedict made a pilgrimage to Assisi to meet with other religious leaders and mark the 25th anniversary of the first interfaith gathering for peace.

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Picture of the Day: That All May Be One
Pope Francis leads a meeting with religious leaders at the Vatican on 20 March. (photo: CNS/L'Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

Catholic-Muslim Marriage: Happily Ever After?
The Vatican is taking a closer look at the challenges facing couples from different faiths who marry.

Picture of the Day: “Respect the Religion of the Other”
Muslims take part in prayers during the I'tikaf, a spiritual retreat in a mosque that is usually held during the last 10 days of Ramadan. (photo: CNS/Afolabi Sotunde, Reuters)

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Picture of the Day: Francis Among the Hindus
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Vatican Releases Video for
Pope's Prayer Intention for January: Christian Unity

The Apostleship of Prayer has released an inspiring new video to accompany Pope Francis's prayer intention.

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