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Special Attention for Special Needs
by Sean Sprague
(From ONE magazine November 2006)
Helping children with disabilities in Ethiopia

Leaving God for God
text and photographs by Peter Lemieux
(From CNEWA WORLD March – April 2003)
The Daughters of Charity put themselves at the epicenter of the AIDS crisis in Ethiopia

Dawit’s Story
photographs by Asrat Habte Mariam
(From Catholic Near East March – April 2000)
With the help of the Daughters of Charity, the life of a young Ethiopian boy is forever changed.

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Picture of the Day: Tender, Loving Care for the Disabled
A sister speaks with a resident of the Maison du Sacre Coeur, a Catholic institution run by the Daughters of Charity that serves the needs of specially challenged children. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Picture of the Day: "Finding the Poor" Among Those with AIDS
In this image from 2003, a sick mother in Ethiopia holds her child. (photo: Peter Lemieux)

Witnessing Charity: A Journey to the Crèche
Visiting the Old City and the Daughters of Charity